Monday, November 30, 2009

WINTER WETHERBY "Intoxicating"

by jenny heying

With a deep deep voice and a smashing guitar, Winter Wetherby opened his set at the Drunken Drow with “Dublin Blues”. His guitar sounds like he’s ready to launch into something wild any second yet his voice leads you through the drama of the song. He is telling stories that his guitar just wants to whip through. It’s a strange yet intoxicating combination that makes you more inquisitive about the singer-songwriter.

Following with a self penned number called “Headlights In My Heart” gave proof to what Winter is all about. He is dramatic but his stories are appealing. The thrashing sound of his guitar just makes it so much more powerful. I just love the sound of an electric guitar especially when it’s put to the test. Changing to an acoustic he gave us another original song “Far Away Trains” that had just a touch of country feel to it. Sometimes you think he’s a good ole boy, other times you’re sure he’s a rocker. But either way he continues to offer his versions of his life and times through song.

His deep voice is enchanting yet provocative sometimes coming across on the verge of Tom Waits but never quite crossing the line to the other side. His voice is clear with the raspiness you’d expect and with a little bit of a boozed filled feel to it. Okay, it’s intoxicating.

On “Me And That Train”, his guitar took over center stage. Nothing overdone, it just drove us out so that he could sing. He’s an accomplished guitar player and no matter what he does, his guitar is either a perfect accompaniment or the lead performer when called upon. His axe does the driving while his voice shouts out the directions.

He changes guitars often giving you a different sound each time he does but his voice never falters. On “Stolen Moments”, his guitar wails behind a voice filled with sorrow yet hopeful. He gives you the blues the way only he can and his guitars whether electric or not provide the atmosphere to be filled. He takes you down to depressing sorrowful times that his guitar is only to happy to provide.

Winter is a rarity in Second Life®, playing a variety of guitars throughout his performance while singing to a few covers but mostly to songs his written about life, mostly his. The dark place he takes you to is not so scary, actually it’s kind of fun. “The River Song” fills the void making the journey somewhat pleasant, but alas, you don’t mind the feeling because it’s good no matter where you end up.

It’s hard to tell what he does best. While I just love the way he attacks his guitar, I also find his voice soothing and eerie at the same time. Normally I would be taken aback, but not with Winter, he seems to want to protect you providing the comfort you need on a musical journey through life’s hardships.

Treating us to a song he wrote just last week “Ride” was a ride alright. With his electrified instrument at his side, he strummed and sang us down a highway we’ve probably ventured on a few times but never with Winter leading the way. He likes to lead and you like to follow enjoying the whole adventure.

Telling stories is in his blood; not only in his songs, but between them he fills the silence with compelling versions of his songs and history. He knows you’re there and he doesn’t want you to leave so he keeps you tied with his songs and stories. I’ll bet he’s the life of any party, sitting in the middle telling his yarns, but really, to music his stories are best. Like “Shades Of December” which gives us a deep look in to lost love and the heartache that stays with you a long long time.

Entertainment can be many things, especially in Second Life®. Winter Wetherby provides it in any way you may want it. You can sit back, listen and dream, you can become entranced in the music, or you can wail away at a marvelous compilation of guitars. No matter which journey you take, it’s a marvelous time that you don’t want ending any time soon. Alas, all good things must come to an end.

Winter brought us home with “Cold Northern Rain” and a raucous version of “Midnight Special” leaving us wanting to take another journey with him very soon. You’ll want to as well.



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