Saturday, November 21, 2009

CHANDRA DEED "Romance In The Air"

by jenny heying

Relatively new to Second Life® (July 2009) Chandra Deed is definitely not new to performing having performed since the age of three. In the elegant setting of Midnight Romance Ballroom Chandra led off with “Our Day Will Come” followed by “Wishing And Hoping” to a receptive crowd of just under 30.

Chandra has a lovely voice, one that embraces the songs she sings and puts them out for you to embrace as well. It soothes the soul but it’s on songs like “Ooh Baby Baby” that you really get its full impact. Neither overbearing or harsh, her voice is openly sweet but consistent with the tone of what she performs. She hits each note with pinpoint accuracy with backing tracks that complement her target.

Her backing tracks suit her well. Again they are not out in the open but do their job supplementing a singer who leads out with melodic vocals. She sings classic love songs like “Walk On By” with the grace held by only seasoned performers. With every note on every song she holds true to the original performer but elevates it to a new level. She makes the love obvious on “My Valentine” keeping it real and forgiving.

Between songs she is professionally sweet. She converses with her audience, not only acknowledging them with is a prerequisite in Second Life® but her spoken voice is as soft and enduring as her singing voice. Okay, her singing voice is a bit stronger, but it ought to be. Her version of “Till You Come Back To Me” was a little more forceful but maintained the composure of Aretha in days gone by.

Chandra also looked exquisite sporting a formal mauve gown perfect for the ballroom atmosphere. Her look fit perfectly with her voice and the décor.

A Chandra Deed show is all about the sentiment of love songs. There are not a lot of women who would tackle some of the songs she does as evident on “This Masquerade”. With a slightly deepened voice, she made it a memorable performance.

Performing, she is professional as much as she is graceful. She does each song with confidence and her tracks take nothing away, sounding more like a backup band should. With “What You Won’t Do For Love” she let the professionalism carry her albeit in a good way. Letting the lyrics carry the mood, she complimented the mood.

Chandra Deed suited the atmosphere but maybe more appropriately the atmosphere suited her. Her show is mellow yet fun, and made for romance. She sings everything you wish you could say to that special person in your life. You appreciate her doing that for you. “You Are Everything” is a case in point. If you hadn’t risen a few degrees by this point, you probably never will.

The nice thing about a Chandra Deed show is that you make you forget about what’s going on in your life and you fall in to a dream state. Even on more up tempo songs like “Your Love Is Lifting Me Higher” puts you in to a glassy eyed state. It’s all from the heart and that’s where it stays.

An hour long set flew by very quickly but not before stellar performances of “Close To You”, “A Love Song”, “Magic” and finishing with an astonishing version of “You Raise Me Up”.

A Chandra Deed show is made for romance. If you feel the love or if you’d like to, you just might want to venture out to find where she’s performing next.

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