Tuesday, November 17, 2009

MAXIMILLION KLEENE "Better Late Than Never"

by jenny heying

Having been around Second Life® since mid 2006, I’m not sure why it’s taken me so long to get around to reviewing Maximillion Kleene. But I guess better late than never. Having said that I popped over to Chichen Itza, Mexico to have a listen to him.

Opening with a short slightly Mexican guitar intro he led into a strong version of “The Way” that showcased his ability on the guitar. He plays brilliantly with his guitar setting the melody that his vocals pleasantly follow. He continued with “Only Hope” and while I know it as Mandy Moore, Max made it his own momentarily making me forget the original.

His voice is soothing, carrying the song through its story making you relax and listen to his tales. No matter what he sings, he does so with passion but adds a little flair and fun as noted on “1,2,3,4”. He’s entertaining and while he does have a voice that is easy to listen to, he’s not afraid to venture out and throw in a few wrinkles now and then.

Although Maximillion has an enchanting voice, his guitar playing is without equal. He strums and picks his way through each song setting a roadmap for his voice to follow. It’s an easy roadmap to follow and you try to keep up as he strolls through his set list. His take on “Smooth” was simply astonishing and the 47 or so in attendance were as stunned as I was. He kept it up through “Galaxy” hitting mid set stride and appearing more and more comfortable and loose.

He does like to talk between songs and is sure to acknowledge those in attendance and just about whatever else jumps in to his mind at the time. He ensures you know the songs he’s playing but it wasn’t necessary as most of what he does you can recognize instantly.

Relaxed and comfortable or maybe it’s just confidence that makes you feel easy at Max’s show. He is definitely enjoyable no matter how he feels with his guitar sliding in and out of the forefront. He keeps that easy feeling going with “We Can Work It Out” with the strumming moving you off your chair and then back again. He appears to be having fun on stage with his guitar having just as much fun. It filters back to you but on songs like “A Beautiful Mess” you just kind of melt, but it’s an enjoyable melt.

Maximillion is definitely a musician for the soul. He sets the mood, the tone and makes sure you’re comfortable there. You appreciate the sentiment and just sit back and enjoy. That mood contains highs and lows but you don’t seem to care which way you go.

Max also takes you back in time but he made “Have You Ever Seen The Rain” a bit more refreshing while “Hold You In My Arms” was mellow yet lovable. You love listening to his voice and you marvel at his guitar playing. But together, they are simply miraculous.

He closed his set with a cute and lively “I’m Yours” and an equally dashing “It’s Only A Paper Moon” leaving you completely at ease. Again I’m not sure what took me so long to review him, but I’m glad I finally had the chance.

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