Friday, November 13, 2009


by jenny heying

Leading off his acoustic set at Le Chat Tavern complete with harmonica, Komuso Tokugawa delivered “King Bee” with a lot of force and some incredible blues guitar. He’s a got a deep voice suited for the blues with a little rasp and a slightly hard edge. He teased us with the mouth harp but just enough to keep us wanting. He continued the blues with “Someday Baby” with a fine little guitar intro smoothing into some wailing away with the harmonica tagging along for the ride. Komuso is made for the blues or rather the blues were made for him. His voice tells a story whether you listen to the lyrics or not.

While the guitar and harmonica provide the focal point, he’s accompanied by a non intrusive drum beat that adds to the bluesy feel making the 50 or so in attendance kick back and enjoy. A rather large crowd these days in Second Life® that packed the small venue requiring (or rather by choice) some to dance on the bar and anywhere else they could find some room.

Between songs, he’s a personable guy with the obligatory acknowledgement of those in attendance and the tippers, but Komuso seems to be truly appreciative albeit you get the feeling he prefers to jump back to his first love, playing and singing the blues. With “Frankie and Johnny” he continued the nostalgic part of his set allowing his guitar to continue to set the pace.

Switching acoustic guitars he transitioned to an instrumental song that was kind of dreamy and had us longing for something we were missing, what I’m not sure. One thing is for sure, he’s a master on the instrument. He makes the slide guitar seem tireless as well as entertaining. Komuso picked up a notch with some boogie woogie in “Cut you Loose” using the slide, harp and the drum beat making difficult for anyone to sit still.

Komuso plays the blues the way it oughta be played, with an edge and a throatiness that tells its own tales. You get the feeling he lived it and can now tell the story and that he does, amazingly. He plays through an amazing show telling his stories through his guitar and you get a little teary eyed at times but he always brings to back to the sunny side. On “It Hurts Me Too”, he takes you to the teary place and shows you around letting your emotions come to the forefront as he means for you to do.

There are some incredible blues artists in Second Life® each with their pluses. Kosumo is one that also leads you to believe he is the blues. You sway, swagger, drink and do whatever it is you do when you get the blues. He facilitates it.

Ending his hour in an frenzied upbeat fashion with “Walkin’ Blues” got us feeling less blue and a little appreciative for a wonderful journey. If you enjoy the blues, hell even if you don’t, take in Kosumo Tokugawa as soon as you can.

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