Sunday, February 22, 2009

CLAIREDE DIRVAL "Smokey Perfection"

by stratford juliesse

Clairede Dirval seems like the kind of girl you’d love to party with. She’s a hell of a lot of fun and gives you the impression she’s a whole lot more fun in real life. Ah but what the hell, I’m reviewing her music.

I caught Clairede at Mama’s before a group of 29 or so. I jumped in to a very raspy voiced version of “Stop Dragging My Heart Around” and a whole lot of banter, mostly from her. The chat filled the screen and Clairede jumped in at every opportunity. Commenting on her lethal tits, otherwise known as her tit jar, she was a hoot. Back to the music, her voice is raw and adds that local singer at a local bar feel to it. Accompanying herself on the guitar, she puts on quite a performance. “I Want to Love You’ and “What’s Up” showed her range before she launched into a self penned tune.

Her rapoire with the audience is unique in Second Life®. While a lot of performers acknowledge the crowd and spout out their names, Clairede seems likes she’ right in there with you, or rather you’re right in there with her. It’s that part that makes her show fun. She’s mingling, laughing, drinking right along with your.

But really, it’s her voice that got me this night. You get the feeling she was on a binge the night before and probably in the middle of one right now, but she belts out the tunes like no other, never missing the fact she has an audience to attend to.

She’s blues, rock, hurting, teary and she’s amazing. If you wanted to leave, you couldn’t. Pouring out emotions from Bonnie Raitt, Stevie Nicks and the like, you soak it all in. She puts her heart out there for you to inspect but she makes it so dam enjoyable. Clairede wants to hurt, and she has so much fun trying.

Seeing a musician here is not just about sitting around and listening. While that is a part of it, having a great time is what you come to Second Life® to do. With Clairede, that happens and it’s no effort on her part or yours. The fun is infectious.

Finishing off her one hour set, she launched into a Clairede rendition of “Pretty Woman”, fitting for the atmosphere and done with her brand of gusto before giving us “Crazy” which is where she really wants to lead us. She ended it all giving us an impressive “Me and Bobby McGee” that left us all dying to enjoy her company again.

A smoke filled bar on the bad side of town with run down people is where you’d expect to be, but on stage is a singer belting out songs that capture your attention. Clairede is that singer.

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Don Bais said...

I agree. Enjoyed her entire performance . Interesting and entertaining.